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Shawna Bonaby

Welcome to the Reframe Wellness

Wellness is not a competition or a race. It is a lifelong journey of exploration and learning.

Why should I join?

So many, many reasons!

-----> Access to coaches 24/7

-----> Free virtual live coaching and ongoing support calls!

-----> Resources galore, like: recipes, encouragement, engagement, supportive peers, articles, research, courses, podcasts, workshops, events, and information designed to support your new lifestyle.

-----> Catalog of courses to choose from: Reframe Lifestyle, Reframe Psoriasis, and Reframe Fasting, with more in the works! (see below for more details on each!)

-----> A true understanding of how to use the tools you've learned to feel good consistently for the rest of your life.

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About Us

Reframe Wellness

  • A game-changing wellness community that is suitable (and effective) for everyone, regardless of age or current health status.
  • A facilitated journey to your optimal health through science-based education and active understanding. 
  • Our programs are not 30-day programs. Rather, they are one-day-at-a-time.

Have you struggled finding answers to your health challenges? Have you tried everything? Do you wish there was a simple, sustainable solution? One that doesn't cost an arm and two legs?

You're in the right place.

We struggled too. A lot. To find answers for our own chronic conditions, to lose weight, to live pain free, and to consistently feel good. When we were unable to get satisfactory or helpful answers from our health care providers, nutritionists, trainers, healers, or grandmothers, we knew we would have to find the answers ourselves.

Fast forward 10 years, literal libraries worth of research, studies, education, and puzzling. The "secret" we were scouring the earth for was right in front of us the whole time. It was just camouflaged (ie: confused) by all of the conflicting information we were inundated with on a daily basis. When we sat back and looked at the big picture, it was clear: the health challenges our society faces have been exacerbated because we've been too busy focusing on the wrong things.

This clarity compelled us to create Reframe Wellness, a safe place to heal, learn to trust your body, and take back control of your health. 


In addition to our core program, the Reframe Lifestyle, we are pleased to announce we have recently expanded our course catalog to include two new hyper-focused courses: Reframe Psoriasis and Reframe Fasting with Reframe Diabetes coming in 2022

Check them out in Our Courses section below.

These courses along with personalized coaching (group or individual), tons of resources (articles, recipes, ongoing support calls, free events), and an engaged and supportive community help you recognize and respond to your body’s individual needs, empower your own success, and create a sustainable healthy lifestyle. 

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How is Reframe Wellness different than everything else I’ve tried?

The Reframe Lifestyle is different from every other diet and wellness trend in many ways. One big one is that we’re not obsessed with weight and we don’t think you should be either.

But here’s the main reason: We give you tools, not rules.

Other programs tell you a set of rules to live by, try to make you conform to a certain number of nutrients per day, or some other form of squeezing you into a box made for everyone. No set of rules work the same for everyone, and rigid rules never create a lasting lifestyle. It’s just not realistic.

We start from a different place, one of assuming that you and your body are smart. 

We explain how food and biology interact, help you understand what your own body is trying to tell you, and give you simple tools to improve your long-term health outcomes. Our goal is to provide a framework for you to succeed in, adapting your own lifestyle based on your own outcomes, so you can get the lifelong results you deserve.

Traditional wellness programs aimed at prevention by repeating the same tired "common sense" weight loss and exercise advice, Facebook fads, and the latest Tik Tok diet crazes have all proven ineffective. Despite our best intentions and efforts to do what we've been told to do, our well being and health, individually, and as a society, continues to decline.

This trajectory does not need to continue.

We have more power over our health outcomes than we've been led to believe. Supporting our biology through nutrition is our greatest weapon. 

But what does 'supporting my biology through nutrition' even mean?

Supporting our biology through how we eat means understanding how the foods we eat impact our bodies: either positively or negatively, and then, making the food choices that positively support our body biology.

Rather than relying on nutrition science, a science that sways with the wind giving us a new, conflicting headline and "study" nearly every day, we have chosen to base our programs on biology, a science that isn't up for debate.

Can I afford to support my biology through how I eat?

Yes! It's so much more accessible than you think. We make it simple. There are no special food products or supplements to buy. Instead, our courses will help you understand the impact of the food choices you are already making every day. From there, you'll learn how and what to choose going forward to begin the healing process.

You won't get a list of dos and don'ts.

You'll get a new framework in which to think about food, and a whole network of other passionate Reframers to problem solve with. 

Through our courses, individual empowerment and community support, we offer an approach that puts you back in the driver's seat and in control of your health outcomes!

Our Courses

We currently offer three nutrition courses:

- Reframe Lifestyle -

 - Reframe Psoriasis -

 - Reframe Fasting - 

descriptions below

Reframe Lifestyle

- Reframe Lifestyle -

The Reframe Lifestyle is a new set of tools to help you create a sustainable lifestyle that allows you to feel your best, consistently.

Available for purchase below.

Wellness is a personal journey. 

We know this and have lived it ourselves which is why we've created a a health empowerment course to reframe your personal health journey just like it did ours. Following someone else’s rules for a month or two isn’t going to get us there. We'll give you the framework, you make the rules! We start with understanding and then add awareness, and from there we can each create an adaptive lifestyle that works forever.  

Everyone deserves to feel their best and prevent future health decline.

And you can. We don’t just tell you what to do, we show you how to make the best decisions for your own body.

We don't tell you what to eat. Instead, we teach you how to make the right choices to support your biology. Your body is smart. We teach you how to listen to it and support it through the nutrition choices you make.

There are so many nutrition myths in the media and "common sense" advice is a dime a dozen. Sadly, most of them are misleading or straight up false. This leads so many people to make nutrition choices that are working against their biology. The good news is this: with a little reframing, biology supporting nutrition is simple and accessible to everyone. No fancy products or diet foods needed ever. Just you, your smart body, and a reframed understanding.

Think of this course as a toolbox full of tools to help you create your future body and sustainable lifestyle. 

You deserve to feel amazing, and you can! You just need the right information. It's in here.

Wow! Did I ever learn incredible (yet easy-to-understand) science about our bodies and that knowledge has allowed me to easily make new, educated choices. I can even go back and listen to the modules when I need to. 

I was so surprised by how quickly I noticed good responses in my body, from the lifting of brain fog and no more sore joints to breathing more easily and even weight loss. And about 15 other benefits! - C.U.

Reframe Psoriasis

- Reframe Psoriasis -

Available for purchase below.

Your psoriasis is not the result of one random trigger. 

Instead, it is the last step in a predictable series of events that you have the power to stop.

You don't need to spend years and fortunes on trying everything. 

We'll show you how to understand your bodies' biology and use that information to recover your healthy skin.

Get ready to reframe everything you ever thought you knew about your psoriasis!

This course, Reframe's supportive coaching, and the awareness I've developed as a result helped me to identify my personal psoriasis trigger(s) and quickly clear up my rashes. By focusing on my food choices, I'm going on 2 months of clear skin. - J.W.

Reframe Fasting

- Reframe Fasting -

Available for purchase in-app after completion of the Reframe Lifestyle course.

Fasting has become more mainstream than ever these days and is no longer as taboo a subject as it has been. However, as with all pop culture, it can take on a life of its own and be thrown around as though folks understood what it was and how to properly use it as a tool. Unfortunately, fasting and intermittent fasting are terms that are understood by few, but tried by many to varying degrees of success/failure.

This course will explore fasting, working our way up from 24-hour fasts to completing a 72-hour (3 day) fast. You will learn why you'd want to do this (health benefits and clarity being two giant incentives) and how to successfully elongate your fasts from skipping one meal to multi-day fasts. But most importantly, you'll learn what's happening in your body while you're refraining from eating.

Fasting is the absolute fastest way to heal your body. 

This 4-week, guided fasting course will give you the understanding and confidence to have the power tool of fasting in your Reframed lifestyle toolbox!

This progressive approach is safe and effective for anyone and you will be surprised at how simple, yet life changing, it is!

Through this course and living the Reframe Lifestyle, I have lowered my average blood sugar to 100. The simple tools I've learned have allowed me to keep my Type II Diabetes in check on my own terms - without relying on medication. Thank you for showing me how to take back control of my diabetes. - D.P.

Reframe Diabetes

Reframe Diabetes

Better understand type II diabetes, reduce reliance on medication, and prevent progression or complications. This course removes all mystery surrounding this disease and gives practical, actionable advice for creating a life where diabetes is no longer in control.

Course coming in 2022!

Choose You!

We encourage you to take back control of your own health outcomes! 

Are you excited to start your Reframe Lifestyle journey? Once you're on the platform, navigate to "Courses" and choose the one that is right for you!

We're looking forward to seeing you there and supporting your journey!

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